AR-10® A-Series Lower Receiver Parts Kit Minus Trigger and Grip


Kit Includes: pistol grip screw (EL0010), pistol grip washer (EL0020), ejector/safety spring (EB0110), trigger guard pin (EL0430), trigger guard assembly (EL0380), safety selector (EL0290), magazine catch spring (EL0280), magazine catch button (EL0270), magazine catch (11203200), bolt stop spring (EL0250), bolt stop plunger (EL0240), bolt stop pin (EL0220), buffer detent spring (EL0200), buffer detent (EL0190), detent (EL0150), detent spring X2 (EL0140), safety detent (EL0060), AR-10B pivot pin (EA1112), AR-10B take down pin (EA1113), AR-10A bolt stop catch (11203100), precision box with brass hinge O.D. green (EX0610).

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